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Our mission is to help grow the sport of spearfishing. Focusing on each diver becoming an ambassador for the ocean and fishing industry. Leading by example of not only freediving and hunting knowledge but also responsible and safe hunting practices.

Founder Evolution Spearfishing

Brad Stephens

Founder | Freediving & Spearfishing Instructor Trainer

Originally from Chicago, USA Brad decided to move Costa Rica at the age of 20 to peruse a career in diving and enjoy the beach life. He started by teaching scuba diving.  However he felt something was missing.

Once he tried spearfishing and freediving he quickly gave up the tanks. Making these newly found passions a new way of life. Starting Rica Freedivers in 2018.

Brad enjoys the self-discovery, discipline, and mental focus you learn as a freediver and empowering his students to find the same.

As the sport of freediving seems to be growing rapidly and new education systems and education centers opening up globally, he noticed spearfishing falling behind and it even seems there are more accidents now than ever. With limited resources for people to learn from and accidents rising, he decided to open Evolution Spearfishing in 2023.

Brad Stephens, Rica Freedivers Owner,
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