Level 1 Evolution Spearfishing Course - Spearo

Your gateway into the world of spearfishing


Who Should take an Evolution Spearfishing - Spearo Course?

Evolution Spearfishing Courses are for anyone wanting to get into the sport of spearfishing with a focus on becoming a safe and an environmentally aware diver. You will need an entry level freediving certification to be able to sign up. This will cover the basic diving techniques needed to ensure us that you are able to start learning the proper hunting techniques during your time with us.

Evolution Spearfishing - Spearo Course


Why Evolution Spearfishing?

We want everyone coming into the world of spearfishing to be an ambassador for the ocean. While we are taking from the ocean, we can do so in a sustainable and respectful manner. Maintaining a high standard for our instructors to help pass on their knowledge about the sport and maintain a high level of risk management and safety at all time. Empowering our students to do the same and lead by example.

Its time for a Spearfishing Evolution


Frequently Asked Questions

You can take a freediving course simultaneously with your Evolution Spearfishing Course. However before we start start spearfishing, you will need to have completed the freediving course.

No, you can start at the higher level courses. However you must take the previous courses exams and do a skill evaluation before you can start the higher course.

You will need to read over the manual we send you. You should also be well rested, hydrated, and ready to learn!

Each instructor can have up to 4 students in a class. However we try to limit this to 3 students per instructor. This gives the students enough one on one time to learn everything needed for the course.

Yes, we will provide a digital certification upon course completion.

Yes, all recognized agencies that cover theory, dry, pool, and open water training during the course will qualify you to enroll an Evolution Spearfishing Course.

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