Dream Big, Dive Deep: Your Spearfishing Success Starts Here

We Help Newcomers and Expert Spearos Develop their Freediving & Hunting Abilities with Standardized Courses

✅ Dreams To Results

Don't know where or how to start your spearfishing training?​

Do you struggle to equalize while freediving? Come back to the surface earlier than you want due to the urge to breathe? Can’t relax before your dives making it less than enjoyable. Or do you see contradicting information about how to train?

Let us help you take away all the confusion. When you sign up for one of our courses we encourage our students to start training immediately. With our remote training system, you can have all the industry-leading training techniques with a training program to focus on your goal without ever leaving the house.

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When You Train With Evolution Spearfishing You Get:

Standardized International Courses

Our instructors all follow the same course standards, philosophy, and mission. Allowing you to take our courses across the globe and know what you will get.

Freediving & Spearfishing Training

We believe to be a great spearo you need to have a solid foundation in freediving. Our courses have dedicated time to develop our freediving abilities as well as our hunting techniques

Start Today

Start today from the comfort of your home. Our instructors will assess your abilities and assign you a remote training program to best fit your goals as a spearo. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can take a freediving course simultaneously with your Evolution Spearfishing Course. However before we start start spearfishing, you will need to have completed the freediving course.

No, you can start at the higher level courses. However you must take the previous courses exams and do a skill evaluation before you can start the higher course.

You will need to read over the manual we send you. You should also be well rested, hydrated, and ready to learn!

Each instructor can have up to 4 students in a class. However we try to limit this to 3 students per instructor. This gives the students enough one on one time to learn everything needed for the course.

Yes, we will provide a digital certification upon course completion.

Yes, all recognized agencies that cover theory, dry, pool, and open water training during the course will qualify you to enroll an Evolution Spearfishing Course.

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